EPDM Roofing

We install special products like EPDM Roofing, a durable rubber product, which is widely used for flat or low-slope structures and has proven to hold up for decades. 

State Of The Art EPDM Roofing

Over the decades, EPDM has grown in acceptance and popularity. It is widely known that some EPDM roofing that was laid down back in the 1970’s are still in use till this day. The roofing industry recognizes it as a long-term roofing solution that holds up under sun, hail, rain, and snow. This product is made available in both black and white, and is installed using rolled layer upon layer processes bonded by strong commercial adhesives. It has earned its place at top of the list as one of the most popular commercial roofing options available on the market today.

The Ultimate Flat Roof Repair

EPDM is a popular option for commercial buildings which are sinoimous for having flat roofs. This product is expected to last for 25 years, but some accounts show that it can last for over 40 years, making EPDM one of the ulimate flat roof repair products.

Contractors like this product because it is both lightweight and produces minimal odor (or fumes). And property owners like it because it’s relatively inexpensive compared to most other options.

EPDM is extremely durable. It is puncture resistant and has proven to be capable of withstanding some of the most extreme weather conditions here in the States.


    Why A Membrane Roof Just Make Sense…

    Since this product has been around for over 30 years, we as an industry have learned about some of its most valuable characteristics.

    EPDM roofs are highly resistant to puddling. This typically is installed on flat roofs, and the biggest concern of having a flat roof is having water sit dormant above your home or business. This membrane roof product does an excellent job of repelling water, and it will protect your investment like a swim suit protects your body in sub zero temperatures. 

    Not only is the product exceptionally durable and responds well in cold temperatures, but it is also heat resistant. We know that the sun’s UV rays even in some of the most extreme desert environments in the United States. It has superior flexibility and expands and contracts given the weather.

    For friendly service and superior workmanship for EPDM roof installation and repair, call the roof us at 812.650.2424.

    Tremendous Service

    " Tremendous service!! I called in the morning and within just a few hours, they responded, found the problem, and quickly fixed it. Highly recommend. "

    - Jill Acres

    Awesome To Work With

    " Doug has been awesome to work with!!! Our roof was done in one day & the roofers were so kind & professional. They did a great job. Highly recommend Doug & his team to all! "

    - Sherrie Johnson

    Above And Beyond

    " Doug at Equity Builders went above and beyond working with us and our insurance company to repair our hail damaged roof. He even helped tack down a tarp when he came out to give us an estimate. He was great about returning phone calls and showing up when he said he would. The roof repair was done quickly and well. We would highly recommend him! "

    - Katherine Todd

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