Residential Roofing

As Bloomington’s largest residential roofing contractor, we provide every option, every material, and every color available on the market to repair or replace any roof.

Superior Residential Roofing Services

We’ve been a part of the community for decades and we like to treat others the way we like to be treated.

 Instead of simply trying to sell you a new roof, we will assess your existing roof and give you the best and most cost effective recommendation.  If we can make some repairs and extend the life of your roof, that is what we will do.  We understand that if we go to great lengths to take care of you, then you will want to refer us to others. 

Done Right The First Time And Done According To Roofing Code

We do all of our work according to code. City codes are designed to keep families safe and to protect their property from nature’s harsh conditions. These codes are in place for your benefit. Unfortunately, some roofers don’t abide by these codes or even know what they are. That is why it is important to choose a quality roofing contractor with a well established business record in the local community.  Equity Builders Roofing is here for you! 

Reliable and Affordable Roofing Nearby

We hire the most talented roofers around and our ongoing training ensures the highest quality at the most affordable prices.  Our amazing roofers are the key to affordable roofing because they do things right the first time.  They are efficient and cost effective giving you a roof that is installed to perfection. For a quote, or simply to ask questions, call us at 812.650.2424.

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