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Searching for solar panel installation in Bloomington, IN? Equity Builders Roofing offers the highest quality solar panels on the market.

A Leader in Solar Roofing Installation

Someone from our Solar Advisor Team will be assigned to evaluate your energy needs. We will educate you on the environmental and financial benefits of solar and how it works.  We will study your energy usage history and show you how much money you’ll start saving once your new solar system is up and running.  Ongoing support is available for all of your questions and for your needs after installation. Make a wise decision and choose us for solar panel installation Bloomington IN.


Why Solar Roofing is a Good Investment

There is no better investment in America today! Solar energy is renewable energy.  You are harnessing the power of the sun making solar energy accessible as long as we have the sun!  Solar energy allows us to save the environment while reducing your electric bills.

We are Bloomington, Indiana’s turnkey solar solution provider.  Every system we install is equipped with a real-time monitoring system for performance assessment.

We Install Solar Roofing For Your Home

Imagine taking a bill that you will pay the rest of your life and turning it into an investment that will pay YOU for the rest of your life. Solar can help eliminate most, if not all, of your energy costs. If your solar system is fully installed by July 1st 2022, you can still participate in net metering. Now is the perfect time for this secure investment, but slots are filling up quickly.

We will even help you understand the local and federal incentives that are available to help you fund your solar project.

For Your Business

Don’t let energy price increases eat up your profits. Run most, if not all, of your business off of solar energy and take advantage of the solar tax credits.

For Your Farm

Power your farm with nature, you are not only helping the environment but you are making a wise investment.

Quality Guaranteed From Start To Finish

Design & Engineering

Our solar team experts will design a solar system for you and your energy needs enabling you to get the maximum return for your investment.  We will conduct a comprehensive site survey to ensure system performance and the ideal system placement on your roof system.


Our dedication to quality workmanship is unmatched in the solar industry!  Our team of factory trained installers are both licensed and insured. 

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