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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance company pay for my roof repair?

When you schedule a Free Inspection with us, we will come to your home and climb onto the roof and inspect everything. (On our Contact Us page you will see a video on how we conduct our roof inspections and what signs we look for.) If we find any issues that were caused by Mother Nature, like hail damage or wind damage, then we will come down and show you a video of all our findings.

How does insurance for a repair get handled?

You will then need to make the initial call to your insurance agent. Simply tell them you’ve got wind damage, hail damage or whatever we’re turning in, and we will meet your adjuster on the roof. We’ll identify all the issues and problems that we found.

What’s it going to cost me for roof repair?

By law, you will have to pay your deductible, but this should be your only out of pocket expense. We’ll take care of you. We’ll work hard to get everything else covered by insurance, even battle the adjuster, to make it all happen.

What happens if you find problem areas once you remove the existing roof?

It’s pretty unfortunate that there are others out there that will see an issue, ignore it, and cover it up with new material. Usually this is done to save time, and the unsuspecting homeowner will have no idea.

We believe in doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us. It’s what you pay for and it is what you deserve–the best! We simply refuse to place new material, like shingles, on top of damaged or rotted wood. We want our work to last for decades.

If we find any surprises, then we can fix it. We can fix your decking, we can fix any sagging that is present, and we can fix, replace, or reinforce any broken rafters or support beams that are present. We will take care of all of those trouble areas that we uncover during the tear off phase. We can often fix all of the framing in the same day.

What if I need a new skylight?

As for the skylight, the last thing you want is to have a leak in the glass after having a new roof installed. It is usually a good idea to update the skylight as we’re updating the roof. We can install your new skylight while we are up there installing everything else.

Should I go with shingle or metal roofing?

This is a great question! Both are very good options.

Metal roofs have been all the rage in the past 5-10 years because they have a 50 year life expectancy. They look amazing once they are installed, and the thought of never having to replace your roof for the rest of your life sounds pretty ideal to just about every homeowner.

Our tendency is to save people money, and shingles are the more affordable option across the board. Not long ago shingles were only meant to last between 10-20 years or so, but that has all changed. Now there are shingles that are thicker and more durable. There are brands that now last 30, 40, and even 50 years.

If price isn’t a concern, and if you are considering going with metal (we are also big fans of metal roofs), then we like to warn everyone about our few concerns regarding metal roofs. First, the paint tends to fade after only 4 or 5 years. Once that happens, the roof no longer looks new. The next time you drive around town take notice. If you see one that looks amazing, then you can ask the homeowner and he or she will confirm it was installed less than 5 years ago. There is a product that can extend the paint life another year or two, but that’s about it. Secondly, any dents caused by baseballs, golf balls, hail damage, or anything similar will also show up pretty noticeably.

We feel that metal roofs are a fantastic option for homes with flat roofs, and commercial or industrial businesses. That’s because the top isn’t visible from the ground, and nobody will see it.

One thing worth mentioning is that most materials, like shingle roofs, are much easier to repair in the future. We can replace a small section and be done pretty quickly. That is not the case with metal roofs. We’ve already been called in to repair work on metal roofs installed by other companies. Those are not easy to fix. It usually requires us to remove many layers of panels, because they are all interlocked together, in order to get to the area that needs repairing. This is a good reason why you should work with us to get your metal roof installed. It’s a difficult product to work with, and many companies are not installing it properly greatly reducing its life expectancy from 50 years to only three or four.

Can you handle all the other home improvement items like soffits, fascia, new gutters, siding or other interior or exterior needs?

The answer to this questions is “YES, we do that, too!”

We are a one stop shop for all of your home improvement needs. We’ve built hundreds of homes from the ground up and there’s nothing that you’re going to come up with that we can’t handle. This eliminates the need to have multiple contractors working on your project.

We have dedicated roofing crews as well as dedicated renovation crews that are ready to help you realize your home renovation dreams!

What will my roof replacement in Bloomington IN cost?

This just might be our #1 most frequently asked question. Many homeowners want to know a ballpark number, or the average price per square foot of the new roof replacement. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to this question. Ideally, if we find damage that may have come from something that will be covered by your insurance company, then the price per square foot would be astronomically less expensive. Plus, the cost to replace a roof depends on many factors like the material you wish to choose, the size of your home, any additional work that you might also want done, like replacing your fascia or ordering you a new skylight that is a unique size, or any number of other factors. For this reason, it just makes sense for you to give us a call and schedule a Free Inspection. We look forward to hearing from you. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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We are a one-stop shop for all roofing needs!

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