Green Sod Roof Installation in Bloomington

Green roofs are an eco-friendly roofing alternative that is good for both the environment and it lowers energy costs.

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Go Green With A Grass Roof

Are you thinking about going with the latest trend of going with a grass roof? Sod roofing is a viable option for both residential or commercial use. It is good for the environment and lowers energy cost. Our trained specialists use an assembly of organized vegetation layered together so that it is a well insulated waterproof membrane. Green roofs actually lower energy costs because alternatives like asphalt, tar, and gravel traps produce intense heat that make it more difficult to cool. If you’re thinking of going green, then please consider us at the top of your list.

Green Roofs

Choosing A Living Roof…

Having a living roof is essentially like having a full scale garden built on top of your home or business. Done properly, a living roof provides clean air, it prolongs the life of your roof, and it saves energy.

Unlike traditional roofs that are built using asphalt, gravel trap, or tar, green roofs do not produce heat. This allows your air conditioning unit to not work as hard.

Keep in mind that installing a green roof should be handled by trained professionals. It is designed to hold, distribute, and manage water that falls from the sky or that melts from the snow to be used to maintain and nourish the vegetation. If not assembled correctly, the results could cause damage to your property.

A Sod Roof House or Business

As the urbanizing world continues to expand, so does the popularity (and the need) for green sod roofs.

Urban biodiversity is a term that recognizes the pressuring threat of climate change and the devastating impact that concrete structures have on the environment.

Placing a sod roof on your home or commercial building that’s located in a densely populated city provides tremendous benefits. It breaks up the visual landscape with green vegetation that provides quality air where it is needed most. Studies even show that having green space within view even increases productivity.

To see if going green is right for you, and if you’re looking for the best roofing contractor in Bloomington for hire, then give us a call directly at 812.650.2424. We’re here to help in any way we can!

Green Roofs

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" Tremendous service!! I called in the morning and within just a few hours, they responded, found the problem, and quickly fixed it. Highly recommend. "

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" Doug has been awesome to work with!!! Our roof was done in one day & the roofers were so kind & professional. They did a great job. Highly recommend Doug & his team to all! "

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" Doug at Equity Builders went above and beyond working with us and our insurance company to repair our hail damaged roof. He even helped tack down a tarp when he came out to give us an estimate. He was great about returning phone calls and showing up when he said he would. The roof repair was done quickly and well. We would highly recommend him! "

- Katherine Todd

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