Your roof creates a protective barrier for your family against the dangers of the world. It’s usually forgotten unless something goes wrong with it, though! There are some great improvements that you can make which can protect your investment. Protecting your home can help you to continue protecting your own family for years to come.


When you think of insulation, likely you think about your attic, not your roof! But the joists underneath your roof, in your attic, can use good insulation as well. This helps protect your house’s value and can save you a great deal of money in energy costs. Insulating the roof’s underside cuts off the energy leaks where they begin, and can be helpful to your attic space as well. Generally, spray foam insulation is the more modern application and can be installed quickly and easily, while sealing off spaces where air leaks can happen.

Solar Panels

There’s still a tax benefit, through 2023, for homeowners who want to install solar panels on their homes! There are many great reasons to install solar panels. You can shrink your carbon footprint with solar panels. They also lower your costs significant by lowering or eliminating the cost of the energy you need to purchase for your home. Call us for awesome solar panel installation Bloomington IN.

Green Roofing

Another great option, which is eco-friendly, if your roof is flat or built in such a way that it has usable space, is a green roof. Modern roofs using a green roofing solution, need to have an option of mold repellant and root barriers. However, a green roof has a great number of benefits that extend beyond the environment. It can reduce the amount of noise which you can hear within your home, extend the life of your HVAC system, and also help insulate your home.

Regardless of the improvements which you choose to make to your home, it’s important to look up and make sure your roof is doing well! Keeping it in good shape is critical to the safety of your family and also protects from leaks, mold, and other dangers.  Recognizing options which can enhance your home’s appearance and function, while helping your family, can be a benefit for decades to come.

If your roof could use some work, contact us today!