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Most Bloomington roofing companies are content with a mediocre standard of workmanship and satisfaction among their clients. At Equity Builders Roofing, we hold our roofers to a higher standard of excellence because we believe you deserve the best when looking for a roofing contractor. If you need a cost-effective roofing repair, a roof replacement, or a new construction design and quote, we are the right roofing company to call.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?

Our commitment to providing superior quality materials and service is the first thing you'll notice about our roofing company. We know that your home or business' roof has to protect what's inside of the building and provide lasting value over the years. Give us a call if you've noticed any issues with your roofing system, have experienced storm damage, need a thorough inspection, or are interested in obtaining a quote. Our roofing team is available for emergency roofing repairs and unique projects.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in providing exceptional customer service to homeowners throughout the Bloomington community. When you call us, you can count on receiving a professional diagnosis of the condition of your roofing system. Depending on our findings, we'll make recommendations or offer our advice on the best course of action to restore your roof. Rest assured, we'll never try to sell you services or roofing products you don't need. Unlike other less-than-reputable Bloomington roofing companies, we put your needs before our own. We are proud to offer Bloomington homeowners:

Roofing With Your Budget in Mind

We understand the various needs of the community and are able to work within a variety of budget needs and accept credit card payments for emergency roofing services you may not have had the chance to save for. Call us first and save time and money on your roofing repairs, maintenance, replacements, and additional services. If your roof has been damaged due to driving winds, damaging hail, or other inclement weather conditions our first priority is to secure your building from exterior issues and restore your roof to pre-damage condition. 

24/7/365 Roofing

Why call around to other Bloomington roofing companies when we are able to meet your needs day or night, weekday or weekend, holidays, Sundays, and any other time you need a roofing expert? Ask within your circle of friends, and you'll most likely find we have repaired the roof in many homes you've been in throughout Bloomington. You'll discover a long and growing list of 5-star reviews on the Web for Equity Builders Roofing- feel free to read some of our customer testimonials to see why we have become one of the most trusted Bloomington roofing companies around.

Call us now for a roof inspection to get to the bottom of leaks or other issues. We can come out anytime you call, offer professional advice and recommendations, and offer additional information on our roofing services.



Bloomington Roofing Companies
Equity Builders Roofing
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