The winter weather can do quite a number on your home. With the cold temperatures come snow, ice, sleet, and wind as well. It’s a good idea to spend some time preparing your home for the winter ahead. Because your roof is the main form of protection for your home, it should receive some attention. Proactive cleanup and maintenance can prevent you from having to climb up on the roof when there is snow on the ground.

Sweep Debris

You should remove any visible debris from the surface of your roof. This includes sticks, leaves, garbage and other unwanted items. Even dirt can accumulate in areas of your roof. Removing this debris will prevent water, snow and ice from accumulating. According to Roof Rake, anything that adheres itself to your roof, especially snow and ice, can lead to permanent damage.

Clean Gutters

Gutters can become filled up with all kinds of debris. According to Best Maids, scooping out debris is one of the best methods of cleaning your rain gutter. You’ll have to get up on a ladder to get this done. If you’re not comfortable with the process, you can have a professional come to clean out your gutters for you. When your gutters are clogged up with a mess, water can’t flow through properly. When you’re already dealing with ice and snow jamming up this area, adding more items will only make the water pool up more. This can lead to water making its way under your roof or into your home, leading to damaging mold growth over time. Cleaning your gutters can help prevent this problem.

Perform Repairs

If you notice that any roof shingles are missing, curling, or cracked, you’re going to need to repair these items as soon as you’re aware of them. If you leave them for the winter to take its toll, this could lead to major structural issues. You could also be introducing mold growth into your home. Mold can rapidly multiply, affecting your indoor air quality. You could be making everyone sick without even knowing it, just because of a few missing roof shingles that are allowing snow and moisture to get into your attic.

Working on your roof is not necessarily an easy process. Even if you have a one-story home, your roof can have a pretty dangerous slope to it. If you’re not comfortable getting up there to inspect everything or make repairs, there are licensed roof contractors in your area that can help get your roof ready for the long winter months ahead.