There are plenty of home repairs you can do yourself from replacing a toilet lever to unclogging the garbage disposal. However, there are also many projects you shouldn’t do yourself. For these types of projects, a lot of training is involved and in order to avoid any injury or further expenses, it’s best to call in a professional.

Structural Repairs

When making repairs around your home, you should leave the structure alone. If you don’t have proper experience or training, you may compromise the integrity of your home. Currently, open floor plans are very popular and so many people choose to remove certain walls in their home. However, when doing this it’s possible you might decide to remove a load bearing wall. You could also damage the wiring or plumbing of your home if you don’t know where it is located. Without the proper knowledge you can cause damage to your home and risk to the safety of your family. Leave it to the experts to determine what can safely be changed.

Electrical Work

Doing your own electrical work can be very dangerous. You need to understand how the electrical components of your house work as well as the potential hazards. Dangers, such as an arc flash, can require extensive personal protective gear to reduce harm. You also run the risk of serious shocks and even electrocution. Without any kind of training, it can be extremely dangerous to do electrical work on your own. While it is expensive, electricians do extensive training in order to do their job properly so you know it’s worth the money.


While doing your own plumbing may not directly put your life in danger, it can lead to some serious expenses. If you’re dealing with something as simple as unclogging a drain or repairing a leaky faucet then you might be better off. However, there are some jobs you shouldn’t attempt yourself.  If the problem is more extensive you should save yourself the time and money and hire a plumber. Inexperience can lead to mistakes that will only cause damage to your home. This kind of damage will be very expensive to repair and you’ll wish you’d just spent that money on a plumber instead.

There’s a reason home repair professionals like electricians and plumbers exist. Their line of work requires a lot of expertise in order to do work safely and without causing damage to the home. Without this expertise, it isn’t a wise idea to do these repairs yourself so don’t hesitate to call in the professionals.

Sometimes roofing is also best left to professionals. Let us help with your project! Contact us to get started.