An overgrown tree in your yard is something you might not have thought about. While it is not an immediate concern, you might realize it is a danger when it is too late to do anything about it. Trees can cause injury to people and property, and should be taken care of. Here are a few problems overgrown trees may cause if left unattended.

Overhanging Branches

This is the most obvious problem. Overhanging branches can be dangerous to both your property and people in your neighborhood. The more a tree’s branches grow, the greater likelihood of one falling on top of an unsuspecting child. This can lead into a nasty lawsuit if damages are severe.

If there are natural disasters it is even more likely branches will fall and hurt your home—potentially your neighbors’ homes and properties—as well. Trimming the branches on your tree keeps you blameless in natural disaster situations.

Damage from Roots

This may not affect those around you, but it certainly can affect the value of your home and can cost an arm and a leg to take care of. Tree roots have a tendency to grow toward your sewer pipes where water and other nutrients are. Tree roots can also break concrete and steal nutrients from other plants you have in your garden.

This can especially hurt if you are planning on moving somewhere else in the foreseeable future. Thankfully, it is entirely preventable. Landscaping companies in your area can help remove some of the roots that are spreading—keeping your garden and property safe.

Drainage Problems

Drainage problems are probably one of the least obvious problems caused by overgrown trees. Because trees block the sunlight, it can be almost impossible for water to evaporate if it rains or snows. This can lead to many hazards if you aren’t careful, and can also damage your property in certain cases.

House flooding is more likely to happen, especially if you live somewhere particularly rainy. It can also attract a lot of annoying bugs and pests that love water. If this is your situation, look into solutions that can resolve your problem.

The most important thing you can do about the trees in your yard, is be informed. If you are having some of these problems, contact a landscaping company or find a solution online as soon as possible. It will save you a financial headache in the future, and might save you from a potential lawsuit.

If a tree ends up falling on your roof, don’t worry—we can fix it! Contact us today for a quote.