How Water Damage Begins From Your Home Exterior

It’s no secret that water can be the cause of some significant damage to your home. It’s also probably not surprising that water damage often comes from outside the home. Your roof, asphalt, and foundation are all susceptible to water damage. Here’s a look at how that damage happens.


Over time, water damages all types of roofs. Metal rusts, wood warps and rots, shingles break down, mold grows and spreads, etc. This can happen due to exposure to water over time. It can also be caused by gutters that become backed up and overflow. This can cause water to be in constant contact with roof edges until it drains, which may take a lot of time if the blockage is severe enough. When this damage becomes extreme, water begins to leak into your home. To prevent this, check for signs of water damage, repair or replace as needed, and clean your gutters regularly. Call your trusted roofing contractor right away to fix any damage on your roof.


Water damages asphalt, too. Ask anyone who’s ever driven on a poorly maintained asphalt road—they’ll tell you. Small chips become cracks, which become potholes, which be detrimental to your car. It’s awful. Asphalt driveways are no exception to this, though it might take longer for the damage to become as severe since it’s less likely to see the same wear and tear as a road. The damage to your asphalt commonly begins with spring rain and snow melt. As water enters cracks in the asphalt and freezes, it expands, which widens the cracks and makes them bigger. Over time the problem compounds and you’re left with a mess of a driveway, unless you fill in the damaged surface. 


Your home’s foundation is vital to its structural integrity. Compromise the foundation, and you compromise the entire house. Water can cause significant damage to the home’s foundation, which in turn creates multiple problems in the home. Of course, odds are you’ll notice these problems before you notice the actual damage to the foundation. Water can damage foundations by wearing away soil from around or underneath them. It can also create cracks similarly to how it damages asphalt. Your foundation may also suffer from mold caused by constant drenching. This is a problem that might come from landscaping failing to redirect water flow away from your house, or your gutters needing some attention as well.

Water damage from outside the home can occur in the foundation, asphalt, and roof. There really isn’t an area of your home’s exterior that is guaranteed to escape water-induced wear and tear. Be sure to regularly inspect your home for signs of water damage so you can identify any problems before they become too serious.

If your roof is damaged, contact us and we’ll be right over to fix it!