Of all the materials to implement into your DIY projects, asphalt probably has not come up super often. Asphalt is not a pretty material. It is generally used for practical uses like roads. However, asphalt is starting to be used more in renovation work for a few different reasons. Here are the top ways to use it.


The most practical reason to use asphalt for roofing is the cost, as it is very affordable compared to other roofing materials. The simple look also complements any home design. While you can get a simple asphalt roof, there are ways you can experiment to get something with more variety.

Asphalt is also a durable roofing base. There is a reason it is used on the roads, as it can withstand freezing weather as well as the stifling heat. Resistance to the weather is essential for your roof, otherwise your home can sustain severe weather damage.

New Driveway

Laying a new driveway path is another traditional use for asphalt. You will not generally see this in residential areas, but if you have a lot more land it is a great option. Asphalt is cheaper to pour than other materials, so if you need a longer driveway you will get a great value. It can also make your home look nicer.

Maintenance on your driveway can be more straightforward. For preventative measures, sealcoating helps protect your driveway from chemicals and fluids that spill out of your car. This is essential for protecting the asphalt.

Backyard Features

Asphalt has also shown its use in backyard renovations. While most people will go for concrete or a nice stone for a patio, some people prefer the darker look of asphalt for its simplicity. There are other backyard features that can benefit from having asphalt instead of concrete.

If you are into sports, an asphalt-based basketball court (or whatever sport you play) is crucial to maintaining good physical health. Concrete is much harder on your body than asphalt. While running can strain your bones if you stick to concrete, asphalt absorbs more of the blow—especially if you fall.

Whether you need asphalt for your driveways or your backyard, asphalt can be a solid choice for your home renovation project. If you want an affordable, resilient, and attractive option for home design, you should look no further than this. You might be surprised how much it saves you on your DIY projects.